• CDS® Complete Drive Service

    CDS® Complete Drive Service

    Green light for your production: Use our system module to assemble your custom-tailored service package based on your specific needs.

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  • Tailored process solutions from DriveBenefits

    DriveBenefits: Tailored process solutions

    Optimize your processes at every stage of creating value with our process solutions

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  • Practical training for drive technology

    Training for Drive

    Gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art drive and automation technology under ideal conditions.

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  • Safety services from the safetyDRIVE program

    Safety service packages that can be adapted to specific systems

    Increase the safety of your system with our services

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  • Customized energy consulting for greater efficiency

    Individual energy consulting: reduced costs, clean environment

    Identify your energy saving potential and let us help you design the right optimization concept for your drive technology.

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Delivery & material flow

Startup & maintenance

Startup & maintenance

Utilize individual services from our comprehensive modular system from our Complete Drive Service (CDS®) or combine them perfectly for your needs and systems.