• Baggage check-in at the airport

    Baggage check-in

    Energy-efficient drive solutions make baggage handling as quick as possible.

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  • Baggage inspection and screening at the airport

    Baggage inspection and screening

    The perfect combination of drive technology for smooth baggage screening.

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  • Interim baggage storage at the airport

    Interim baggage storage

    Efficient drive systems for secure handling and storage of suitcases etc.

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  • Baggage sorting at the airport

    Baggage sorting

    Dynamic drive solutions for reliable sorting at high conveyor speeds.

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  • Baggage claim at the airport

    Baggage claim

    Reliable drive technology for a smooth passenger baggage claim process.

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  • Loading and unloading of airplanes

    Loading and unloading

    Smooth, gentle transportation of baggage items within the terminal.

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Reliable handling and transportation of baggage items

Airports where hundreds of airplanes take off and land around the clock require perfect planning and coordination – and the tailor-made drive technology to process thousands of passengers and their baggage securely, every day.

Fully automatic luggage transport by Ahkera


Ahkera is the first to develop a system that loads and unloads the ULDs and luggage cars fully automatically.