Energy saving solution – internal logistics

  • Energy saving solution – stacker crane

    Stacker crane

    Energy savings in internal logistics

Energy saving potential = up to 25%

The effiDRIVE® solution with the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter and MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller saves a total of € 7,250 after only 5 years of operation.

The MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverter with MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller

Re-use the regenerative energy directly in other axes

The DC links of the two MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters that are responsible for controlling the drive and lifting axes are interconnected, which means that released electrical energy can be used directly by the second axis. In addition to this, the higher-level motion and logic controller MOVI-PLC® controls the drive and lifting axes in an intelligent manner. The shortest possible total duration is not extended, and the drive and lifting axes are also operated efficiently within the given timeframe.

Reduce the overall energy consumption!

The tried and tested “Intelligent DC link coupling for stacker cranes” package solution reduces your energy consumption by up to 50% at maximum unit power and optimum usage of the unit’s dynamics. On top of this, you reduce your overall energy consumption with annual savings of € 1,450 and minimum investment costs, plus only slightly higher installation costs. Call us. Our experts are happy to advise you.

Measurable success of the effiDRIVE® efficiency solution

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Comparison between Standard version effiDRIVE® solution
Project components Conventional control: released energy is dissipated via a braking resistor Intelligent DC link coupling with MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter and MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller
Energy costs/year* € 7,200 € 5,750
Energy consumption 125% 100%
Amortization time   Immediate
CO2savings per year   10 metric tons
  1. *Calculation based on: Energy consumption/single operation x 880 single operations/day x 350 days/year x 0.10 €/kWh
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