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    Supply air for buildings

    Energy savings in ventilation systems

Energy saving potential = up to 16%

The effiDRIVE® solution with energy-efficient motor and MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter saves a total of € 218,500 after only 5 years of operation. This calculation still excludes additional savings resulting from the continuous adjustment of the work process, and thus the speed, to the actual demand.

Your benefits from using MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters and DRE.. energy-efficient motors

Process and speed adjustment leads to reduced output speed

Energy-efficient adjustments to your work processes achieved using infinitely variable speed and torque regulation will reduce your power demand significantly.

Increase the motor efficiency!

The energy-efficient motors DRE.. (IE2 = High Efficiency) and DRN.. (IE3 = Premium Efficiency) will reduce your power loss by up to 40% compared to standard motors. Use the MOVITRAC® B energy saving function with dynamic adjustment of the magnetizing current. This will enable you to operate the motor at optimum efficiency at any operating point in the partial load range.

Reduce the overall energy consumption!

Save € 95,000 in energy costs per year with the help of the highly energy-efficient motors DRE.. (IE2= High Efficiency) combined with the MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter. After a retrofit of the building’s fresh air supply system, overall energy consumption will be reduced by more than 16%. What’s more, this calculation does not even include the energy saved by continuous adaptation of the process and the speed to the actual demand.

Measurable success of the effiDRIVE® efficiency solution

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Comparison between Standard version effiDRIVE® solution
Components for a project with 96 building fans each Pole-changing asynchronous motors and fan adjustment DRE180 M4 controlled energy-efficient motors and MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters with energy saving function
Investment 0% (installed) 100%
Energy costs/year* € 675,000 € 580,000
Energy consumption 116% 100%
Amortization time   Approx. 2.7 years
CO2savings per year  

720 metric tons
  1. *Calculation based on: 7,200 operating hours/year x €0.084€/kWh x system power
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